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The War Memorial Hall


The War Memorial Hall was dedicated and opened on Sunday 21st January 1923 by Archbishop Gregg. The Oak Room was added in 1949. In 2011 the premises was renovated and extended. It is now a modern well fitted Parish Hall used by organisations both within and outside the Parish. 


Provision of a parochial hall was first discussed in 1918. In March 1919 a meeting of parishioners was held which approved the building of a hall. Also in March 1919 a site was leased from Colonel Sir Frederick Shaw and building commenced. The architect was W Sedgwick Keatinge who offered his services free of charge.
The contractor was John A Stringer who built all the nearby homes on Rathfarnham Road and Rathdown Park. 

The original proposal was for a hall measuring 60ft by 30ft but this was later reduced for cost reasons to 50ft by 25ft. It was agreed that the hall should be a memorial to all those from the district of Terenure who had served in the First World War. In 1924 a Memorial Celtic Cross was presented by the Shaws in memory of those of all denominations who served in the war. Rathfarnham Parish National School moved into the hall from 1962-1967 due to the damp conditions of the old schoolhouse (now the Parish Centre, beside the Church).


Below is a copy of the original plan with 2009 applied-for improvements.


Memorial Hall Plan.jpg
WMH Ceiling.jpg
WMH Front.jpg
WMH Side.jpg
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