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Ministry in Rathfarnham

Elsewhere on this web site you can read the history of Rathfarnham Parish and our National School and we thank God that, still today,
a vibrant faith community continues to worship and serve God, locally and globally.


We seek to implement the 5 Marks of Mission of the Anglican Church:

  • To tell the Good News

  • To teach each other Scriptural Truth

  • To tend to people in need

  • To transform unjust structures in society
    for example supporting these diocesan projects:


  • To treasure all creation

Faith Development Programs


Even with the restrictions in gathering for worship and ministry that Covid 19 has necessitated, we continue to seek new ways to Reach Godward, to Reach Outward and to Reach Inward. Our parish and primary school rely heavily on parishioners who generously volunteer their time and talents as a witness to their commitment to living out their Christian faith. Some of these volunteers and their ministries are included on this website, and you can view the parish school website at


If you are new to the Rathfarnham area and would like to make Rathfarnham Parish your spiritual home, we would be delighted
to see you.

Now that Covid 19 restrictions on church attendance are eased we look forward to welcoming friends old and new back into our parish church on Sundays and Thursdays.

Image by Christian Chen


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