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About Us

We are a Church of Ireland (Anglican) parish situated in the south west suburbs of Dublin. Rathfarnham Parish is committed to being a living witness to God's presence in the world.


  • There are approximately 600 families on the parish register. 

  • The Church can accommodate up to 500 worshippers.

  • It has two transepts and a number of magnificent stained
    glass windows.

  • The self-contained Millennium Side Chapel, seating about 30, adjoins the Vestry (entry is through the main church porch).

  • There is a Columbarium beneath the Millennium Side Chapel. 

  • Beside the Church is the Parish Centre and a Sexton's House.

  • Rathfarnham Parish National School caters for approximately 230 pupils and is located on Washington Lane:


Rathfarnham Parish Church is located on Main Street, at the corner of Church Lane. The Rectory and Parish Office are at 41 Rathfarnham Road, D6W XV62. The large multi-purpose War Memorial Hall is beside the Rectory. 


A History of  Rathfarnham Parish

History records a timber parish Church in Rathfarnham in 1212 AD. Later a stone Church was built on the site and the ruins remain today, 40 metres north of the present Church. 

In 1779/80 a decision was made to build a new Church as the congregation grew in numbers. In 1785 the foundation stone for the new Church was laid on the present site and it opened for worship in 1789. The Church was consecrated in 1795. 

Since the structure was first built, the church has had many additions and alterations. 

  • In 1821 the porch, tower and vestry were added. 

  • In 1852 a transept on the north side was added and a gallery built. 

  • In 1889 a transept was added on the south side to accommodate the organ and choir. 

  • In 1994 the old school house on the site was developed and renovated and connected to the Church by a foyer. This is now the Parish Centre. At the same time, the sexton’s house was re-modelled into a curate’s residence. 

  • In 2001 the Millennium Side Chapel and Columbarium were built 
    and consecrated. 

  • In 2003 the front of the Church and choir stalls were re-ordered. 

  • In 2004 the Church roof was replaced and the attic timbers renewed.

  • In 2017 the Curate's/Sexton's house was renovated. The vacant premises was stripped back to the bare boards to examine in detail all the workings of the house: walls, woodwork, roof, water supply, gas lines and electrical work, put back together and redecorated, ready to be rented out.

Rathfarnham Old Church.jpg

Rocque's Map of 1760, compared with a present-day map, shows the location of Rathfarnham old church and graveyard (red circle) and Rathfarnham Castle (in red).

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