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Thank you very much from the Fête 2023 Committee

The 2023 Rathfarnham Parish Fête, which took place on 20th May, was a great success for all involved, and was the second Fete to be organised since the lessening of the grip of Covid19. The Fête remains the premier parish community occasion for both fundraising and as a social event and raised approx. €30,000 to include some advertising receipts and proceeds from auctioned items and donations still coming in.

Our thanks as always to the many stallholders, stall volunteers, helpers, organisers, venture scouts, scouts, cubs, beavers and their leaders who gave so much of their time and made enormous efforts to make the event the success it was. Efforts ranged from putting up and taking down marquees, moving items for sale into position, baking, growing, sorting, serving and selling. Some of our older volunteers have been working tirelessly for over 20 years on helping with the Fete and we know enjoy the interactions and negotiations with the public. We were lucky to have the wonderful Stedfast Brass Band back again this year and they entertained on the playing field for over 2 hours.

The heart of the Fête is the Café and Refreshments which is organised and staffed from 9am by up to 12 tireless volunteers plus 4 supportive High School Catering Staff. This year we focussed on sandwiches, apple and rhubarb tarts, cakes and bakes plus tea and coffee. Our thanks to the many bakers who contributed and also to The Bretzel Bakery for their generosity in providing delicious tray bakes and breads.

Costs all rose again this year which will bring net proceeds of about €18,000 and represents a truly great result. The proceeds from admissions, the Hunters sponsored Face Painting & Balloons and Dance Steps were divided between Focus Ireland and the Children’s Hospital.

The success of the Fête is owned by all the people young and old, who attended either in front of or behind a stall or a game and enjoyed themselves in the sunshine. Feedback is of course appreciated and there will be a Fête meeting arranged for this September to discuss the future direction of the fete, stalls and volunteer arrangements for Fête 2024.

The Fête Committee - Canon Adrienne, George James, Pat Fowler, Margaret Berney, Jonathan Mills, Joan Carty and Ross Shorten.

Results and Winners

Rathfarnham Parish Raffle Winners
1st Prize - €500, sponsored by Lisney - Adam O'Leary
2nd Prize - €300 - Avril Mullock
3rd Prize - €250 Dundrum SC Voucher - Ken & Carolyn Gordon
4th Prize - €100 Mayfield Voucher (sponsored by Dancesteps) - Robert Hilliard
5th Prize - €75 Holistic Therapy Voucher (sponsored by Sarah Buttanshaw) - Achal Punith
6th Prize - €65 Christmas Tree Voucher (sponsored by 31st Rathfarnham Scouts) - S. Devlin
7th Prize - €50 Rathfarnham Bookshop Voucher - Gill Perdue
8th Prize - €50 Rathfarnham Bookshop Voucher - Joyce Perdue
9th Prize - €30 - Corinna Philips
10th Prize - €30 - Eileen Pratt

Competition Winners
Rathfarnham Riddles - €75 - no winner
Clergy Quiz - €75 - Patricia Mantle
Picture Search - €75 - Sue Barber
Bee Trail - €50 Andrew Bardon

Faces from the Fête

June & Beryl.jpg
Pat Fowler.jpg
Clothes 2.jpg
Clothes 1.jpg
Cakes 2.jpg
Colm & Paula.jpg
Country Kitchen.jpg
Burgers 2.jpg
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